Saturday, June 15, 2013


piano fitness requires transition.   the most exciting element of playing piano is - it's slightly different every time.  with fitness training, the transition from unconscious to conscious awareness of the body map, it's learning to listen to both the body and sound in the present moment.  life!!!

chopin op 18-  7th day of learning.  just now getting through the piece.  estimate 2 to 3 hours spent this week.


ff 1 - the usual 12 repetitions in a new order!  sn 1 w/ 2,3,4 then sn 2 w/ 2,3,4  through sn 4.
h 15 bl/br
big chords

 practicing op18 more.. amazingly the music requires the exact releasing of 2 - ideal training!

op 64.1

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


piano fitness is telling.  fresh revelations found, feelings revealed, a sound feeling when feeling sound


3rds rocking- c/2 2/m are extremely fresh and releasing.
h15 variations -finding the 2nd line mapped tip to elbow.