Thursday, October 23, 2014


piano fitness is challenging. There are many challenges in daily practice. The challenge to stay alert and fresh each day, continuing to change your mind and body to accept something new.  Exchanging old habits for new habits consciously daily is very challenging.

First rehearsal of op 60 barcarole is next Tuesday, October 28 at the San Diego piano note club in the park. Then November 1 at the San Diego piano club meeting. Lastly the performance for the presto club on November 8.

Today's practice starts with a major section and measure 38 through measure 60.


Spider chords
Finger fitness one

Continued practice with measures 19 & 20

Thursday, October 16, 2014


piano fitness is insightful.  including everything opens up new perspectives and choices.  learning what to let go of and allowing refreshed awareness of new and different feelings throughout the arms and torso.

training brings improved strength to release unnecessary effort for ease.

great gate

op 60


Piano fitness is a lifestyle

5finger patterns
F# M key work


Piano fitness is inclusive.  Everything moves toward balance.  A few days ago, I thought to myself "what is the hardest thing for me to do?"  It only took moments to realize what was needed to be corrected- unlocking this second bridge with the forearm correctly arched.  Including this, when "finding the flow"through the 4th chakra has been the piano fitness training since, with Tsunami- like waves back to the root chakra.  Stable and happy, powerful and loving, creative truth and intuition, piano fitness is inclusive!


Piano fitness is training.


10 arms