Friday, September 10, 2010


piano fitness is awareness.   it is great and strange to be becoming aware of the 2nd finger.  the falling arms have to land at the correct angles for the arm's release from shoulder to fingertips.  listening to every sound is challenging but essential.  "downward facing dog" arms (balancing the externally rotated upper arm with the internally rotated forearm) swinging a easily as possible on every pair.  finger legato - i remember when first starting to learn piano in 8th grade, it always felt awkward to play fingers 1-2-3.  i theorize that it's from the 2 reversed curved neck injuries sustained from grade school years.  it now is feeling much better but vigilant listening is constantly required.  falling with the 3rd arm is thawing out.


10 3rds blocked (formerly 10 pairs)

finger fitness 2 (formerly called 1) w/ start notes
finger fitness 1 (formerly called 2) w/ start notes for rotation release
finger fitness 3 for center balancing  on 4th start note 2 counts
hanon 15 blocked 2 counts
hanon 15 start notes m.m. 126

tomorrow is piano club. i will play pavane pour une infante defunte   ravel

i made a recording but again NO SOUND.
i'll try this again tomorrow.

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