Tuesday, November 9, 2010


piano fitness is directional.  up/down.  parallel/contrary/oblique.  long/short.  how quickly can you let go.

hanon 1 s.n. 1,2,3, mm132  s.n. 4 mm66 possibly the quickest warmup?? definitely the most practice needed!

3 five fingers    s.n. 4 in 2

preparing for my  aunt genevieve sonsara's memorial recital 12/31/10 9pm.  her 100th birthday 1/1/11
debussy prelude s.b.
debussy 1st arabasque
chopin waltz am
bach inventions 13/14  (13 feels lateral swinging arms)
bach/liszt prelude/fugue am

3 five fingers s.n.1 in 3

chopin waltz in a minor

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