Thursday, January 15, 2015


Piano fitness is life changing. The first post of 2015! It's taken two weeks of the new year to slowly come out of 2014's last quarter slump.  The mindset of the lifetime single person is certainly a minority in the 21st century.  Birthdays and holidays have taken on a different flavor over the decades. after almost 2 years I'm still adjusting to irregularity in my life's schedule. With significant changes every few weeks and months it's quite a contrast to the 12 years I spent commuting to orange county teaching piano and working for 24 hour fitness 16 years teaching yoga, with a routine schedule.  I still agree with M scott peck- "life is difficult".  After setting my goal of Chopin's barcarole Opus 60 from my 60th year, I now recognize a large part of the end of 2014 funk was the expectation I would meet this goal by my 61st birthday- relearning Buddha's truth "no expectations no disappointments".  Piano fitness is my unique lifetime single person mindset.  truly it changes every day. Remaining open to changing lifelong habits is as exciting as it is challenging,  with inclusion of feeling AND sound. With renewed intentions, Heres to 2015 life-changing piano fitness.

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