Thursday, June 15, 2017

170615 Piano Fitness Introduction

Piano Fitness is conscious muscle rehearsal.

Piano Fitness Postural Fundamentals promote pure awareness, raising consciousness to include:

   balanced hips - sitting stably and securely
   releasing creative power - through the braced spine
   heart-intended sound - mapped from the mind through the fingertips.

Playing the piano represents the ultimate balance between :

                                                   Man             Machine
                                                   Mind            Body
                                                   Sound          Feeling

(PLEASE, correct me if the following statement is untrue) :

               The piano is the most sophisticated man powered machine in the world.

 The mind intends the sound and the body feels the sound.  Mechanically, the body's levers, from heart to hands through the fingertips connect to the piano's levers at the key surface.  The piano's levers are manipulated by the player to create the intended sound with an intended mass times an intended acceleration forcing the hammer to strike the strings.  (Force = Mass x Acceleration).  The player consciously chooses BOTH the amount of mass and  key acceleration speed to create the  intended sounds, from the very softest to the very loudest, with conscious muscle rehearsal.


  1. Conscious muscle rehearsal maybe; however the peripheral nervous system is seriously implied as we are also 'hearing' the application of the sensation of 'touch'. Man is more than machine? Thank you for this it is interesting. K R Katherine Hyslop

  2. Yes! The sound and feeling are inseparable. Unconsciously, there is a lot more going on, including the nervous system.

    Man is playing the music machine, not more than machine... conscious muscle rehearsal is applied until the choreography can be executed unconditionally.

    Thanks for your comment....